Monday, May 10, 2010

Willows galore

I've been growing various species of Salix for a number of years now, particularly the dwarf alpine types as they really do look incredible in the rock garden and in troughs (except see below) and I hope to have some of these for sale this year. I will try and write more about each one later but for now I give you some images, these are my favourites so far but as I collect more I am sure my favourites list will grow!
Hopefully some of them will be available from my business, Alba Plants here in BC, Canada.
The only two that will be larger plants on the photos, eight to fifteen feet in time, are Salix magnifica (winter stems remind me of polished mahogany, as they say in Glasgow, 'pure dead brilliant'! and Salix magnifica, which has to be a great plant as it was discovered by the great man himself, Ernest Wilson.
I would welcome peoples comment on other species and cultivars that they have had success with.
I showed a picture of the famous stalwart of the rock garden Salix x boydii on a previous blog, discovered only once in the wilds of Scotland by Dr. Boyd. I am growing quite a few of these now in pots. From top:Salix magnifica,S. kurilensis, S.jejuna, S. hylematica and S. arctica

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